i still love music!

by musicallyaweinclined

If u think i am no longer passionate about my music.. u are wrong… anw my quite recent song that i composed… for my friends’ birthday~! its de slow version… de fast version is with my fren la.. (: but yey jus feel like sharing the slow version enjoy~!

so so.. tml tml tml… will be a fulfilling but hectic day~! why fulfilling? cause i had one today? Me together with nick and amin… stayed back at club room to do props… til 10.45pm and many stuff was completed…. and WA the sense of fulfillment is wonderful and tml we are gng to finished up the stuff…. so i guess it will be quite fulfilling…!! damn i am going to miss production days after production which is this friday.. its always like that… den we will have this TFA withdrawal symptoms… so i shall cherish this moment…~!

wuu last Thursday i went to meet kee while she shopped for stuff for Jav. HAHA shopping with her is kinna fun cause i realize she self entertained like me~!! HAha here is a scenario.

KEE: why ah? why like that ah pew? why ah… can u tell me why?

Pew: kee i know u are bored la… self entertaining…


i guessed it will be a very long time till i see kee again… am glad i am S-I-T with her (: a blessing again…

Now… next up is my performance on last wed~!! thanks to kaye for helping me video it down. so i can present it to those who couldn’t make it that day… enjoy~!

TASK ONE= ORGANIZE MY TIMING ON MONDAY TO FRIDAY, SO I WONT MISS ANY IMPT CLASS! cause its revision week. :( but yet at the same time fulfill my duties as the assistant head of prop!

TASK TWO= Compose mosquito song for Germaine ASAP!

TASK THREE= study for WDD test~!! gasp~!! and i just realise- do equiz for math~!! i haven do that~!? OH NO~!! stop dragging~! been 2 weeks liao~!

RANDOM FAVOURITE MSN NICK= Every lyric forgotten, tune off, expression wronged not only bring shame to yourself but also the composer of the song.